HAVAS Smartwatch Experience

Fourty seven
without phones.

ELEKS was asked to create advanced user experience to engage with the participants at AdForum Worldwide Summitin London to promote HAVAS as a leading digital agency.

Considering the need to give 47 Moto 360 smartwatches as gifts to the participants and acknowledging numerous technical limitations, the mission was quite ambitious.

With only two weeks to implement a solution, HAVAS and ELEKS worked in two cooperative teams preparing 47 smartwatches to be given as gifts to event participants to demonstrate the new user experience.

We created custom watchface for each participant based on their social data. We also developed an app that included the schedule of event, presentation details, and speaker information.

The main smartwatch feature leveraged data science to allow participants identify the most appropriate contacts based on their professional and personal data. Gamified notifications were sent to each participant allowing to connect directly with a new contact.


#Bluetooth LE
To create a standalone experience with the smartwatch, our solution used Bluetooth LE to connect the smartwatches directly to the servers. With the Bluetooth communication framework in place, we allowed the smartwatches to communicate directly with the outside world.

While Bluetooth was a good solution to the communication problem, its signal strength was not enough to cover the entire venue and maintain 47 simultaneous connections.To overcome this obstacle we implemented a distributed architecture and added Bluetooth servers, connecting them with a master server through a Wi-Fi network.

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ELEKS and HAVAS managed to create a memorable andexciting digital interaction, showcasing the value of wearables for marketing purposes. This is an innovation all forward-looking businesses can use to strengthen their brand and connect with target audiences.


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