Tesla Watch Apps

True value of smartwatch.

Apple Watch announcement left everyone excited, yet confused about its true value. Having spent years with wearable technology, we've set ourselves a goal to show the world how third parties can create value out of it. And could there possibly be a better way to show this other than with Tesla connected car experience?


When our Apple Watch Tesla App spreaded out, we were asked by Google, some Tesla drivers and lots of other folks to perform something similar with Android Wear. And so we did.

To create meaningful experience, we tapped into smartwatch-specific interactions, such as watchface, context notifications and force touch.

We aimed to allow Tesla owners use basic connected car functions, such as checking charge status or starting the airco remotely, on a watch. The bottom line for success was to make this easier than with phone. The ultimate goal was to make the interactions invisible.

For this, we've only focused on the most used features, and applied smartwatch-specific interactions to it. E.g. for checking the charge level we used Android Wear watchface, which eliminated the need for any interactions.

The next step was to predict the situations for using less used features, and turning them into actionable context-aware notifications. E.g. we integrated with weather service to predict rain and offered to close the sunroof with one click.


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We were able to deliver all this with first, highly limited version of Apple Watch OS.

We tapped into rich Android-specific features such as watchface, notifications timeline and customizable UI.

In order to integrate with the car, we used reverse-engineered Tesla API and protocols from a mobile app.

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