Coherent UX Strategy for a Product Ecosystem

Different Businesses, different UI, same User Experience


A leading global merchandizer of commodities and processor of agricultural goods, operating a significant network of assets around the world.

The Problem

The customer company includes various divisions with their own specific problems. Existing legacy applications were inefficient, decentralized and non-intuitive, required a lot of manual work. As a result, staff had less time to do the actual analytics. Some divisions still used Excel for calculations, much information was getting lost in process which led to miscommunication.

A need for:

— сlean, optimized workflows

— clean & responsive user interface  

— сentralized data management and storage

— optimization of time spent on day-to-day operations

— performance & scalability of complex calculation & aggregation processes

— flexibility in updating business rules and models on the fly

— security of corporate data

— usability of work with complex data - no positive user experience


As a solution, we suggested not only to develop applications but to create a UX Strategy approved on executive management level.

Process on a Global Scale:

How We Did It

— Analyzed the customer’s mission, business domain and the competitive market of similar industry-specific applications.

— Analyzed user groups of all business divisions to identify their needs, tasks and problem areas, including the review of the Customer’s existing products.

— Created a high-level vision of the UX Strategy for all products, defining what is common and what is different for all re-imagined or future products.

— Managed the approval process on the C-level of the Customer.

Implementation Journey: First Product

Started implementation of the UX strategy with one product, a global credit risk management system

operating data from



Built the Information Architecture

Created a Clickable Functional Prototype

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Created High-Fidelity Mockups

for All Devices


Mobile Context

The UX for mobile is designed with an optimized set of functionality to satisfy the needs and tasks of the mobile context. All complex interactions were analyzed, rethought and reduced to prevent accidential data entry and redundant actions. The content is loading faster, it is flexible and mobile-friendly.


Benefits Delivered

5× times

Faster input for a single trading deal improved operational efficiency 

6× times

Faster onboarding process for new personnel due to training time reduction from 6 days to 1 


Increase of user satisfaction rate

7 to 15%

Cost decrease for a new application development within the ecosystem 


Security practices followed which minimizes vulnerability to security breaches.

5 products

Developed with consistent and efficient UX design 

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