X-Factor Online

Journey from
a webcam
to the TV stage.

What attracts users the most? What remains on top and leaves all advanced technologies behind? It is the emotive effect that helps users to experience an unforgettable atmosphere of the show, making the journey from home web camera to the stage.

Our main goal was to transform casual TV Show experience, by making in more interactive for fans, and we achieved it with a success.

We designed and developed the X-Factor Online – an advanced cross-platform digital solution covering the best practices of socialization, gamification and personification.

We created a brand new experience for X-Factor fans by implementing engaging mechanics enabling people to take a part in the TV show via online platform.

Webcam became a starting point of the user journey to the main stage of Ukraine. The Score System was integrated to take the role of a fair judge, analyzing users performance and rating them automatically.

To improve the ratings, the users encouraged their friends and followers to vote and send special digital gifts. In such a way, we implemented the main monetization mechanism and ensured media coverage for the platform.

TOP 5 Users with the highest rating in their category were evaluated by the staring TV show judges, who chose the best singer to take part in the gala TV Show.


Successful cooperation during
3 seasons of the TV show.


At the early beging of the project we came up with the idea of a flexible design which slightly changed for each of three seasons of the X-Factor to reflect the changes in the concept of the TV show itself.


Up to 210 043 unique users online at the live TV show broadcast.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of users, especially during the weekend broadcasting of the TV show,we came up with the decision that had allowed the system to scale well during the load peaks, especialy during live TV show



We customized and integrated a Skore Engine to automatically generate online performance rating. The Engine analyzed the performance in seconds, giving ratings based on the singer’s overall score musicality and expression. It worked with any language or genre and no music background was required. So any person could become a superstar with a single webcam and microphone.

The platform was integrated with a number of payment systems to provide smooth monetary transaction process. Special attention was paid to the security aspects of this matter.

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Prodigi- Digital Agency
STB - TV Channel

X-Factor online brought copmlety new experience to TV show fans and was constantly increasing online audience during 3 seasons from 2011 to 2013 years.


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